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About Us

Tamarind Management Team, Inc. is a Property Management company, specializing in Community Management (HOA) and Residential Management.  We have a small but mighty staff that supports each other in providing excellent and knowledgeable management services.

Like the Tamarind tree the company is named for Tamara Glover (Owner) is deeply rooted in the property management business.  Growing up in the family business she worked in every position in the industry including; Grounds keeper, assistant maintenance, leasing agent, property supervisor, HR manager and eventually President of the company.  Tamara has a passion for training and developing people.  This stems from her years of developing educational programs and teaching business and life skills at Fresno City College.

Tamara Glover formed Tamarind Management Team, Inc in October 2015.  Her goal with the new company was to provide specialized service to her clients while optimizing technology.

Why is the name of the company Tamarind Management Team?  Tamara wanted the logo and name to represent the companies pledge to provide strong leadership, and commitment to constantly growing and improving.  Utilizing technology to provide better efficiencies to our customers is what we strive to do.  Recognizing the many partners (Board members, Home Owners, Vendors, etc) it takes to successfully manage any property are like the many branches of the tree.  Together, working to support each other everyone gets to partake in the fruit of our labor.

Tamarind – the Tamarind tree is a long lived, medium growth, deep rooted, flowering, fruit baring tree that has a high resistance drought.   It produces an edible pod like fruit that is used for medicine, many types of food and drinks, which has both a sweet and sour taste.  The wood due to its density and durable has many carpentry uses.  Our focus is to provide strong professional management in a positive way and respectful way in which everyone benefits.


"Just wanted to take a moment to express how pleased and satisfied I am with the Tamarind Management Team.  I have lived on the lake for 30 years and have never encountered a management group that was so effective, efficient and pleasant to work with.  So thank you to the entire Tamarind Team."

Brian, Homeowner

Woodward Lake Lakefront 2020

“I have found Tamara to be an extremely conscientious, knowledgeable, respectful and honest person.  She is sincere, earnest and genuine in all her dealings with members of the HOA.  She strives to do the best job possible at all times and to find true solutions to the issues and problems that inevitable come up in a development this large and diverse.  Her knowledge and people skills are a true asset to our team.”

Stephen Varin

Secretary of Quail Lake Community Association – 2014-Present


“Quail Lake Community Association has been very pleased with the performance of our community management team; Tamarind. They are consciences, familiar with and follow Davis- Stirling and all laws governing HOA’s. They are dedicated to the community and spend a lot of time on site meeting with vendors and homeowners. I would highly recommend Tamarind for any property management opportunity. I would be more than happy to provide additional information or answer any other questions you may have.”

President for Quail Lake Homeowners Association - 2010-2015

"We hired Tamarind Management Team when I was President at American Shores.  Tamarind Management Team solved many problems when they came on and now we are very happy and structured community.  Tamarind Management Team is very professional, energetic and very caring.  They follow up & follow through with every direction give.  They take responsibility for their actions.  I love Tamarind Management Team and I am extremely happy with their services."

Previous President for Americana Shores - 2014-2015

“I have worked with many property managers, I can honestly say, there is not a more willing and honest property manager to work with. Tamara is honest, knowledgeable of the laws and always understanding.  Always placing the Customers best interest is her priority.”

Jamie Rust,

Elite Landscaping


"A friend of mine recommended your company a year ago (him and his wife live under your management) and I submitted your company to be hired for the last HOA board's consideration. Sad they didn't bring you along sooner!"

Tiffany Towers resident - 2021

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